Introducing “Monty’s Summer of Puzzles” – a delightful collection of brain-teasers and riddles brought to you by the lovable Monty Mouse! Designed to keep children entertained and engaged during the summer months, these puzzle sheets promise to challenge young minds while fostering a sense of curiosity and adventure. Let’s dive into the world of Monty’s puzzles and discover a fantastic world of fun and learning!

Monty, the endearing mouse, is the heart and soul of this puzzle extravaganza. Known for his adventurous spirit and love for puzzles, Monty has curated a treasure trove of brain-teasers that will intrigue and captivate kids of all ages. 

The resources are available for free download below, allowing everyone to participate in this joyous celebration of puzzles and learning.

With “Monty’s Summer of Puzzles,” Monty mouse has truly outdone himself in creating an unforgettable experience for children. The playful puzzles not only keep young minds engaged and entertained but also encourage creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. So, let this summer be a season of delightful challenges and brain-teasing fun, all thanks to Monty and his dedication to keeping the spirit of creativity alive even when the Montgomery Theatre and Arts Centre’s building is closed. Happy puzzling!


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