Crane Creatives
Babas Musical Kitchen

Join Iryna for a fun, free session where you’ll share stories, make music together and play games.

Participants will be invited to share stories about their ‘BaBas’, whether it’s your granny, aunty or mum, which will be used as inspiration for the workshop’s activities.

Iryna Muha is a Ukrainian-born singer, music artist and band leader. She works with children in early years settings and leads music sessions at bilingual community schools.

N.B. Stories shared in this workshop will contribute towards the research and development of a new musical performance reflecting Eastern European heritage and harvest traditions.


Please note, this show is programmed by SBC’s Youth Theatre of Sanctuary, in partnership with The Montgomery.

This show is part of Mini Mig Mat at the Monty, brought to you by Migration Matters Festival and The Montgomery.

About the company

Crane Creatives work with Eastern European communities who benefit from increased cultural
representation and connection.

The wider British public will also gain from exposure to the rich and
diverse art and culture of Eastern Europe, fostering understanding, appreciation, and cross-cultural connections.

We also support Eastern European artists in the UK will benefit from opportunities to showcase their talents, develop their careers, and receive mentorship and resources.


Age Guidance: 12+
Running Time: 1 hour
Dates & times

17 June • 12:00
17 June • 13:45
17 June • 15:00

Please note, tickets for this event are not for sale via The Montgomery.

Please direct any ticketing queries to the link provided below.


The venue does not currently have wheelchair access, and there are 3 stairs from pavement to foyer, and 32 stairs from foyer to theatre. We will be undertaking the building work to install a lift in 2023, but there is not currently a lift available at the venue.

We are dedicated to making your experience at The Montgomery as accessible as possible. If you or your child have any specific access requirements please contact and we will be more than happy to help make your visit more enjoyable.

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