Our Capital Journey

Embarking on a transformative capital redevelopment journey, our Arts Centre has witnessed a remarkable evolution from our initiation of fundraising efforts in 2021 to the commencement of construction in the summer of 2023. The vision of the project is to rejuvenate and modernise the 137-year-old cultural hub, making it more inclusive and accessible to all. The fundraising campaign, a testament to the funder’s commitment to providing a space for children and young people to thrive in Sheffield city centre, paved the way for the incorporation of essential accessibility features. Central to this effort is the installation of two platform lifts and one passenger lift, a significant step forward in ensuring that The Monty becomes accessible to everyone for the first time in our long and eventful 137 year history. 

As the construction progresses towards the anticipated completion in spring 2024, the redevelopment project stands as a testament to the enduring commitment to the arts and cultural accessibility. The careful integration of these lifts not only brings a historic venue fit for purpose into the contemporary era but also represents a commitment to fostering a space where individuals of all abilities can come together to celebrate the richness of the arts. The journey from fundraising to construction underscores the dedication to preserving the legacy of The Montgomery while embracing a more inclusive future for young people, patrons, artists, and the entire community.


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