Step into the spotlight at The Monty’s annual Schools Festival in June, a longstanding celebration that invites all local primary schools in the area to take the stage and immerse themselves in the magic of performance. This vibrant event encourages creativity from a young age, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and actively participate in all aspects of bringing a performance to life on our esteemed stage.

The Schools Festival is a testament to the fantastic array of talent and creativity that Sheffield schools have to offer. We extend an open invitation to schools interested in joining this lively creative celebration. If your school is eager to be part of this exciting event, please get in touch to explore the possibilities. Stay tuned for more announcements as we unveil the lineup of schools participating in this year’s festival, a testament to how much collaborative creativity and artistic expression there is within our local education community.

Please email with Schools Festival in the subject line for more information on this year’s festival and if you are interested in your school getting involved.