Community Groups

The Montgomery is the most important performance space for the thriving amateur dramatic community in Sheffield. We host and support performances from community groups, schools, colleges and dance academies on our stage, bringing together people from across the diverse range of our communities in shared creative experiences. 

Community companies are integral to us here at The Montgomery. They bring local talent and dynamic performances to our stage, enriching our venues with drama, laughter and music. Supporting these groups means celebrating Sheffield’s creativity and fostering a vibrant arts scene for everyone to enjoy.

Below are a handful of the remarkable companies that tread our boards!

Easy Street Theatre

Photography by Tom Chan Photography

Founded in 2009, Easy Street Theatre Company offers Sheffield’s young creative talent the finest professional-grade theatrical training.

far far away theatre…

Photography by Roe-Parkin Creative

Founded in 2017, far far away theatre is a family company, run by Jenna and Matthew Dabbs.

Handsworth and Hallam Theatre Company

Photography by Roe-Parkin Creative, Costumes by Molly Limpets

Woodseats Musical Theatre Company

Southey Musical Theatre Company

Photography by Tom Dyson

Ellesmere Musical Theatre Company

Photography by Tom Dyson

Wales Community Theatre Players

Photography by Lee Phillips

Splinters Theatre Group

Photography by Tom Dyson