Beliefs and Values

Welcoming audiences and participants of all ages from across South Yorkshire and beyond, we believe in an arts centre that is accessible to all which is why we are on our way to becoming an Arts Centre of Sanctuary. We value diverse creative experiences that are enjoyed in a welcoming and supportive environment. We would like to be renowned for our family friendly and open approach from our staff and volunteers.

Our values are:


We build trust through transparency and ethical choices.   


We show care and respect to all by being welcoming, warm and kind.


We respond to the needs of our partners by listening and embracing ideas with a willingness to adapt. 


We follow our hearts to work with initiative, enthusiasm, passion and dedication towards a common goal that builds on our history.


We allocate the exact resources and opportunities to enable everyone to participate in our offer.

Our targets are:

  • All aspects of the in-house artistic programme for families strive for excellence and representation of our audiences  
  • The creative programme enables access to the arts for young people, prioritising those who face barriers to engaging  
  • The programme is aware of the needs of target audiences and contains a diverse range of work aimed at those needs 
  • The work we develop values the participatory experience equally with the audience experience 
  • The building seeks to introduce people to the arts, acting as a gateway for new cultural experiences 
  • We seek to work collaboratively and in partnership with others 
  • The artistic programme integrates live performing arts, film, live screenings and participatory arts. There is within the programme a huge diverse range of artistic experience available both in the building and through outreach projects around Sheffield.