From small meeting rooms to a professional stage for your theatre performance, we have a range of spaces available for hire.

For more information, get in touch on info@themontgomery.org.uk or call on 0114 272 0455.

The Theatre

Our traditional theatre is situated on the first floor is perfect for mid-scale events.

Seating capacity

Stalls: 234
Balcony: 180
Total: 414

Stage dimensions

7.6m x 7.6m (additional stage extension available) with a 1 in 25 rake.

The Studio

A studio space with a dance floor and mirrors. Situated on the lower ground floor.

Dimensions: 11.6m x 9m

Seating capacity: 80

The Gallery

A versatile space with refreshment facilities. Situated on the first floor.

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Furthermore, the synergy between the world of online casinos and our cultural space creates an intriguing blend of interests. Attendees of these events not only engage in discussions about gambling games and online betting but also have the opportunity to appreciate the art exhibitions and performances hosted within our walls. This intersection of industries fosters networking opportunities and cross-pollination of ideas, enriching the experiences of all involved.

Dimensions: 10.6m x 6.7m

Seating capacity: 60

The Old Library

Situated on the second floor, The Old Library is a good space for workshops and rehearsals.

Dimensions: 6.6m x 5.9m

Seating capacity: 50