Alive In Wonderland

Alive In Wonderland

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


This production is produced by Footsteps Theatre.

Alive in Wonderland is a New Musical following Alice's adventures in Wonderland, meeting the crazy characters and learning about their perspectives on the world. However, almost as soon as she's arrived, she's gone, and the basic structures of Wonderland slowly begin to fall apart.

A powerful illness now spreads across Wonderland and is starting to affect some of the citizens. Despite the fear of the virus and the natural order of their world being disrupted, The Queen of Hearts, Knave and White Rabbit assure everyone that things are under control...

This New Musical by Ewan Fellows (Evening Standard Future Theatre Fund Winner) is a witty, charming and dark comedy based on Lewis Carroll's classic tale of trying to find order in a world with no logic and ridiculous rules.

This production is produced and presented by a Sheffield Community Partner of The Montgomery.

Please note there is no disabled access at present.