No Exit

Three damned souls are brought to the same room in hell by a mysterious Valet. Garcin, Estelle and Inez find themselves in new and uncomfortable surroundings before slowly realising their bleak future in a place where sleep and night-time don’t exist. Could these three complete strangers be the key to each other’s salvation? And if so, will any of them dare to admit what led them to this fateful place?

Most importantly, the group must figure out if it was mere chance that brought the unlikely trio together or is it all part of a plan to make each one realise that in fact “Hell is other people”?

Day One Theatre return with No Exit following their acclaimed January 2017 production of ‘After Miss Julie’. Directed by American Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate Laurie Nelson. No Exit, which is translated from Jean-Paul Satre’s original piece ‘Huis Clos’, was first performed in 1944 and described as ‘a phenomenon of the modern theatre’.