Gallery Exhibitions

Quiet Places

Open from 22nd February - 31st March

A new exhibition in our revamped Gallery space by local Sheffield artist, Sue Griffiths, in pertnership with 35 Chapel Walk.


This slow deep impulse pulls me

into silence once in awhile

a look in a second

split forgotten - then hidden.

It is deep this beat

and silence is filled with songs

unsung and yet to sing


A few words from the artist:

"My paintings are created in a quiet place - in my studio space at home.

The paintings are not about aything seen, although my inspiration comes from looking.  They don't depict external objects or people but the are a response to the external world and my relationship with people.  They are not narrative but they carry the story of my experience.  They carry a history that reflects my experience of making art and in relation to the history of art.

The paintings are about themselves and in the process of painting they becoe a reflection of my deepest concerns.  They centre me and ground me. 

They exist in order then to be seen.

From the quiet space of making to this new and open space in the Gallery the creativity continues as you (the viewer) see the work."


If you wish to make any enquiries about exhibition, contact Sue Griffiths on