Mother Goose's Golden Christmas

Mother Goose's Golden Christmas

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In a far away land of snowy mountains, deep dark forests and gigantic castles, the Famous Five, Little Jack Horner, Little Miss Muffett, Little Tommy Tucker and Little Polly Flinders are getting ready for a Christmas with Mother Goose in their Book House.

The trouble is, they're all getting a bit bored of sitting in corners, looking after sheep, running from spiders, singing for their supper and putting the kettle on!

They want a life of excitement and adventure, and if that means battling big bad wolves and a giant, so be it! Join our unlikeliest of heroes on their mission to save a magical Goose and make it back home to the book in time for Christmas!

With a host of fairytale characters loved by kids of all ages, "Mother Goose's Golden Christmas" is a family musical like no other. It's the perfect way to start your festive season!