Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions

January 2019 Exhibition

4th January to 25th January

Discovery Doors - Reformation 500

Kinder Kalsi (Church Army),

Suzanne Nockels (Congressional Federation),

Zadie Orr (URC)

31st October 2017 was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther making public his 95 theses, or ideas to reform the Church. Whether he actually nailed them to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg is shrouded in mystery, but due to the newly invented printing press his ideas quickly spread and Luther showed incredible courage in upholding them.

Luther’s ideas and the subsequent Reformation had a profound impact on European history. It paved the way for a new understanding of conscience and dissent. It challenged traditional power structures within the Church and, tragically, it also led to division and violence. Church and society were changed forever.

A group of Sheffield Church leaders invited Churches and other city institutions to decorate and pin a question on one of their doors. These questions were not a copy of Luther’s 95 theses but questions about faith, identity and life today. Doors are public, part of everyday life, and they mark transition; moving from one space into another. The leaders commissioned the photographer Adrian Wyatt to take pictures of the doors. He brought his own individual viewpoint to the project.

As you look at this exhibition think about what question you would pin on a public door and ask people to respond to? Also, where are those door-like transitions today?

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